Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011: Spring


* This year we had spring floods to deal with. The lake in the centre of the city flooded and covered much of the walking path. The lake out at our cottage flooded taking many cottages and beach things with it.

* My sister and I said goodbye to our parents as they went to Spain. It was their first trip overseas by themselves (without us to guide them!) and we were happy for them but also so excited to see them when they returned!

* I went to Minot, ND with a couple of my favourite ladies to go to Victoria's Secret and have general absurd adventures

* I brought back some FourLokos from the US and tried them with the Gentleman Caller during our May Long weekend away

* Our trivia team collected its winnings of a keg party. There may have been dancing. 

* My friend and I drove to Edmonton for the U2 concert. We were up and back within a day and a half but it was such fun!

* The Gentleman Caller and I went to our first wedding together. It was lovely. 

* I finally finished making Date Night cards and a deck of cards featuring lovely little moments


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Karen said...

Great blog!! Sounds like you had an amazing year!!