Beach walks

Adelaide was so hot while we were there our days consisted of breakfast, reading all afternoon in front of a fan and then when it cooled down by a degree or two we'd walk along the beach. Pretty fantastic life, really!

Coming from the landlocked Canadian Prairies, the endlessness of the ocean is facinating. And being on a beach is such a treat! I've never seen sand so fine!

Clearly, I'm a graceful ballerina in the sand!

Also never in my life have I had a sandal tan. Granted, the Gentleman Caller's is significantly more impressive but I'm still excited by mine!

Today I am thankful for being able to spend quiet times together with the Gentleman Caller. Reading, while trying to stay as cool as possible, in silence with nothing but a smile at each other now and again is a rare treat. 


Style Journey said…
The ocean is so beautiful! Love your sandal tan :)
Laura Go said…
A great life indeed! It looks so beautiful out there! Enviable sandal tans!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
geetabix said…
What a beautiful place! Glad you are cherishing your moments there :)
LyddieGal said…
does that beach just go on forever??
looks like an amazing place to be in january... i'm so envious.

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