Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011: Winter

Well, Christmas is over and New Years too. I trust that everyone had a safe and happy holiday. We went to Adelaide where we had no internet service except for a few hours one day... We read a lot. And went to movies solely for the air-conditioning. And swam in the ocean. All that will be expanded on at a later date.

Now it's time for a year in review even though am a couple days late. When I first started thinking about this year it seemed that nothing much really happened. Then I went through my pictures and discovered that it was a pretty busy year...


* We went tobogganing, which I haven't done in years. I, predictably, got a face full of snow on my first go.

* We walked through a beautiful snow globe city to attend the annual beer festival, Festivale. We spent the evening sipping delightful and new types of beer. 

* The Gentleman and I went to Edmonton on a mini-holiday. We went to the West Ed Mall and to the wave park and generally had a fun time. 

* After a really hard and cold January I booked a spontaneous flight to England to visit the mother land.  I spent a few days in London wandering around by myself, visiting where I used to live and a few days in the country catching up with friends.

* While I was in England I had the chance to submit my incredible swimming story to the Speedo campaign of Unforgettable Swims 

image from unforgettableswims.speedo.com


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Carol said...

Looks like you had a great year. =) Happy New Year, and hope your holiday was a lovely one.