Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Day

New Year's Day was just as hot as ever. When it's this hot I just decided to forgo makeup as it would melt off my face in a matter of minutes.  We walked to the marina at Glenelg beach and then headed into the city to see Happy Feet 2 in the bliss of air conditioning. 

dress: H&M
sandals: Havianas
hat: Christmas gift

I'm either squinting from the sun or giving A LOOK to the Gentleman Caller. Who can tell?

Today I am thankful for underwear. Yes, it's true. You see, it was too hot to wear leggings under this rather short dress. And it was, at times, windy. Thank you underoos for letting my bottom be partially covered when the wind decided to expose me!


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Vanessa said...

This dress looks lovely on you. And it sounds like it's certainly quite hot! I've read the last couple of entries (catching up your life the past few weeks) and it sounds like things are bebeeginning to feel better and better in your new place!