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I have a dream for when I grow up. I think most everybody does. I want to will own a shop. It will carry interesting and flattering clothes of women of all shapes and sizes. It will have things for your house that will make you feel like it's a home. It will smell really lovely when you step in the door and you will sigh with pleasure. It will have music and art from local and independent artists. It will be the kind of place that women want to come to because they look good and feel good, feel most like themselves when they are there. You will pet my docile puppy and I will make you a cup of tea and we'll curl up in the armchairs and talk about books and travel. Ideally it will also be in England or Spain. I just need to figure out how to immigrate and open a business (hints? tips?). This is a far away goal. But today I'm starting.

Today I have an etsy shop that celebrates the lovely little things. Today there is a deck of handmade cards that feature 52 different small and wonderful things that make life utterly beautiful. These are the favourites that sometimes we forget to appreciate in our busy lives but that are magical!

Today there is also a Date Night in a Jar. It has inexpensive and fun ideas for you and your flirtfriend to do. When you can't decide how to spend your time together meaningfully, just fish around until the perfect suggestion comes up.

If you're interested click here, that would be cool. If not, but this makes you appreciate today, that's even better!


First a cooking blog and now an Etsy shop?!? Lady, you continue to amaze me!

And I think your dream sounds just lovely. I promise to be a frequent customer.
Allison said…
That's awesome about the Etsy shop! I think your dream sounds great. I'd like to shop in you shop. Even if it's in Spain or England ;)
Amara said…
Part of my dream is to have my music in your store. Cheers to dreams! And to the future!
geetabix said…
It is my dream to shop at the store you just described. Please open it in the exotic city of Edmonton, Alberta! I don't know what we have in common with Spain but there must be something!
LyddieGal said…
It was (is) my dream to own a shop as well. Yours sounds perfect. Maybe I'll just come and work for you instead. Can we also sell espresso and chocolate?

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
I totally want to open a shop as well! I've been contemplating about it especially now that I'm still job hunting, and there aren't any jobs out there that I'm interested in... I hope you get to open yours soon!

♥ laura
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