Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This weekend was relaxing but exhausting. On Saturday we went to a bacon party. I've never seen so much bacon or so many men so interested in bacon in one place.

sept 6 11

There was bacon bruschetta, bacon jam, bacon tempura, bacon-wrapped sausage, bacon-wrapped perogies, bacon-wrapped wings, bacon meat log, bacon lasagne (with bacon instead of noodles), bacon chocolate cheesecake, bacon oatmeal cookies, bacon coffee cake and bacon baklava!
I feel ill at the thought of bacon. It was rather good though.

dress: Smart Set
leggings: H&M
scarf: gift from client
bag: gift from mama
shoes: Teva

The client who gave me the black scarf last week also gave me this scarf. She brought it all the way from Somalia!

Today I am thankful for my wonderful bed. I spent the weekend sleeping on old, hard, terrible beds at my cottage. Such a pleasure to have an actual sleep. 

ALSO: Unexpectedly, this is my 300th post! Huzzah!


Mrs. J said...

Hmmmm...bacon in coffee cake, cheesecake and oatmeal cookies sound pretty interesting. I love salty and sweet so that may be up my

Cute outfit, I especially love the print on your tights.

Style Journey said...

That sounds yummy and interesting! Love me some bacon! One of my co-workers made me chocolate covered bacon and it was delicious!

Pretty color combo you have going on too!

geetabix said...

I am a vegetarian but if anything could convince me to go back to eating meat it's BACON. Mmm. Love your outfit too.

FutureLint said...

A bacon party sounds AWESOME but I can see how you would get bacon-ed out after a while. That scarf is so pretty, especially since it's from so far away!

Cara said...

I love that colour with the red! So glad your background purse were red! And mm.... bacon... I'll add that to my grocery list!

Terri said...

I'd be willing to sample bacon cheesecake. Someone was telling me recently about bacon flavored lipstick!

laura said...

Um, can you be my new best friend and take me with you to all your bacon parties? I love bacon! Which is weird because up until about 3-4 years ago, I detested the stuff. I'm not so sure I'll be super adventurous with it (as in, I dunno if I'll eat it in cake) but still, I'd love to try!
♥ laura

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