Learning virtues

A friend of mine did my numerology numbers a while ago. She said that I was on my way to a very lovely life but in order to secure that I needed to learn patience, perseverance and forgiveness. I made posters and put them up on my bedroom wall so that they would be the first and last things I saw. I have been trying to see things in that light. When I'm waiting at the grocery store? Patience. When I'm dealing with insurance companies? Perseverance. Dealing with painful events from the past? Forgiveness. When I didn't have a job? That was to teach me about all three. I feel like I've been learning. I hope that I have.
The job I have now is all about patience. I talk about the same things to the same people day after day. I try to explain the same concept over and over in different way so that my clients understand. Having patience is easy when everything is great. When I have had enough sleep, and I'm feeling like myself. Today patience is hard to come by. Today I feel like my head is about to explode with pressure and pain. My eyes are puffy from allergies and a cold. My breathing is difficult due to asthma and harvest. I just want to be in bed and not speaking with people that I don't understand. Today I am impatient and unhelpful. Tomorrow I will be better.
sept 20 2011

In other news... I have new hair!

blazer & top: Ricki's
jeans: Style & Co, The Bay
shoes: Camper

Today I am thankful for my lovely stylist who has great hair, makes great hair, and is interesting to talk to!


Love it. Is that your natural hair color, and therefore will be easier to maintain in Australia-land?
geetabix said…
Cool new hair for fall!
Style Journey said…
Your hair is FABULOUS!

I feel your pain and having to deal with people and having no patience. At my workplace, I feel like I deal with children on a regular basis :)
laura said…
Whoa! Your hair is banging! (totally pun intended) I love it! Did you get it darker? or is that your natural color? It looks fab on you!

I think I will take a page from your book of learning to be more patient, persevering, and forgiving :)
♥ laura

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Anonymous said…
Love the new hair! I hope you feel better and having patience is a virtue. I'm definitely lacking in that area, but one day I will get better!

Cute outfit and love the dancing pics! :)
Kirstin Marie said…
Holy sexy hair!! You look insanely gorgeous. Not that you weren't stunning before, but I really LOVE this new hair. I have allergies too, all the time..they stink.

I can't get over how amazing you look. Now I want new hair.
monster cakes said…
Wowzas! Hot mama! I looove this hair on you. The bangs fit you perfectly. And thank you for your sweet comment. I love reading your comments--they always make my day.

ps. I could use a little more patience too. Thanks for the reminder. :/
Loooove your hair, totally makes your eyes pop!
FutureLint said…
Hooray for you and your self-improvement efforts and you super-sleek and chic new hair! You look so sophisticated!
Cara said…
Wowwweeee!! I love the hair! It's so perfect, and so surprisingly you, despite the fact that the pink hair was so you!
Chelsea said…
ooooh I love the new 'do! reminds me of the eagles song "witchy woman"... "raven hair, ruby lips... sparks fly from her finger tips."

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