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I knew that I would be on my own at work today as one coworker is on holiday and the other is celebrating Eid.
aug 31 2011

I needed something comfortable, especially in the shoe department.

After work I went to see my sister's new apartment. So exciting and so perfect for her. Then we stopped my my cousin's new apartment for a quick tour. While we were there it started pouring rain. As we were running to the car my sister tripped on the pavement, bodychecked the side of her car, slowly oozed down the car and rolled into a puddle. We were soaked through because we couldn't move for laughing too much!

cardigan: Ricki's
top: Joe Fresh
scarf: gift
belt: H&M
skirt: Jacob
shoes: Teva

My hair was similar to a few days ago but with braids, 2 buns and a Spanish brass hair comb:

Today I am thankful for my family. Truly and wonderfully. 


OMG, I have those SAME shoes in brown! The Rocket Scientist bought them for me as a present right before he left. Seriously, lady, we're developing some seriously matching wardrobes. Now I just need a Spanish brass hair comb...
Style Journey said…
Cute outfit, and glad you were able to find the humor in your sister falling! Hopefully she's ok :)
Cara said…
I'm glad BOTH of you were laughing! It's a fairly monochromatic look - but the texture of the sparkles really pops wonderfully!
FutureLint said…
Cool hair and I love the sparkly top! I have been caught in the rain and soaked so many times this summer (but luckily have not fallen in a puddle!) That sounds pretty hilarious!
laura said…
Whoa, your hairstyle looks too complex for me to follow! I wish I had hair skills! I just put mine up and pray it holds! :)

Love this outfit, Danielle. I love black and white outfits, so I'm pretty easy to impress! :)
♥ laura

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Anonymous said…
I'm glad your sister was okay enough to laugh. Loving this outfit on you from the silver blouse to the flowy skirt.

I really wish I could do simple hairstyles like that! :)

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