Sun still sinking

This skirt is entirely too short for work. I am fully aware of that. Now.

sept 1 2011

Sadly, I made the discovery that while a skirt may look ok while standing still it does, in fact, move as you do. Thank goodness for very thick leggings indeed.

cardigan, top, skirt, leggings: all Ricki's, all the time
boots: Steve Madden from Gravity Pope

The real question is regarding boots. If I can only take one pair of boots to Australia which ones do I take? The must be both practical and stylish.

Thoughts? Votes? I would love your input as I'm feeling a bit out of my depth on making any sort of decision at the moment

Today I'm thankful for the leniency of the dress code at work.


danielletocker said…
I love brown boots, so there is my vote. I feel since you're going to be down under for quite awhile that if you need a black boot that you will surely find a pair quicker than a brown pair that you like!

Black boots are everywhere (so are brown), but I figure they'll be easier to come by if you need them!
Anonymous said…
When are you coming to Australia? It is getting warm here now and will continue to heat up right through to March next year, so you might find yourself carrying around a pair of boots you never wear.
Maz, Melbourne
laura said…
You look hot! Lady, a skirt is never too short if you put on leggings :)

Personally, I would take BOTH the black, flat boots.
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Style Journey said…
The black motorcycle boots get my vote. They are flat, look comfy, and can go with anything.

And leggings are great to save a short skirt!
Chelsea said…
seriously... why can't short fitted skirts just STAY. I think I'm all appropriate, and then I look down midday and cringe. anyway, this outfit looks fantastic on you, regardless of if the skirt is "too short" or not.

as for the boots... that is a TOUGH call. I would say exclude the brown boots for the heel, and then perhaps the knee highs are better because they can be worn over tights/leggings/jeans/etc, while perhaps the OTKs aren't so versatile? BUT the OTKs are my favorites! oooooh, how about you just ship 'em to me and I'll watch them for you while you're down unda ;)
Melissa said…
Boots - I'd go with the black motorcycle ones. I like 'em.

That skirt is HOT on you, woman! I love it! Although I will say that I probably wouldn't want to wear it at work... :)
Cara said…
Brown - they can most easily be dressed up and down. And chances are the heel won't be an issue, becuase if you're going to walk a long way, you probably won't be wearing boots anyway!
Bella said…
I say, the motorcycle boots! They look stylish and hard core! Besides, they're perfect for your edgy fashion style! You look beautiful, by the way! That mini is smokin' hot!
Anonymous said…
My vote goes to the Flat over the knee boot stylish and looks pretty comfortable!

Black tights always save the day with short dresses and skirt. I'm loving the model poses in the last 2 pictures! :)

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