Looking backwards

I'm back! I went to Calgary to visit 2 of my best pals.

Downtown from a lookout
I had a great weekend: relaxing, eating, chatting, hanging out, laughing...
Looky-looing at the ridiculously large houses:

Homes with security gates. Perhaps hockey players?

This house is actually Pepto Bismal pink. Who needs a pink house with columns and gargoyles?

And holding twin babies that my friend had a month ago:

Welcome Baby A (Baby B was held by another friend)

spet 13 2011

Now I'm tired. I fell asleep sitting up reading blogs earlier today. I only woke up in time to meet some friends because of a text message. Honestly.

sweater: Smart Set
jeans: Ricki's
belt: Silpada
necklaces: gift from mom, Spain & gift from mom, Ireland
shoes: Teva
jacket: Ricki's
scarf: gift from client

This top, while a gorgeous colour, is not too suitable for work due to it's tendency to put the boobalas on display. The solution? Wear it backwards...

Today I am thankful for my own wonderful bed and the chilliness in the night air that allows me to sleep cozied up to the cuddle blanket. 


demie said…
lovely outfit! always good to relax, ejoy time with good friends and laugh at rediculously houses ( especially if they are pink! )
Style Journey said…
The boobalas! Hilarious! Glad you had a wonderful time. The houses are just amazing!
Cara said…
I've tried wearing sweaters backwards, but they always itch my neck. Am I just oversensitive, or do you have a secret trick?
laura said…
Ok, so I had misread "houses" for "horses" and kept on searching for large horses in your pictures... hmm.

This color is lovely on you! And I love how you made such a simple outfit look so fab. That necklace is amazing, and I simply adore that jacket!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights
Vanessa said…
The back of that top is sassy! Looks like you had a nice get-away!
geetabix said…
Love your outfit and also the outfit you wore while holding the baby.
FutureLint said…
I was all "oooh, look at that secretly sexxxay back on that top!" and then I read that you put it on backwards! Fabulous! It looks awesome that way! And I love how bold and colorful your necklace is!
Bella said…
The decision to wear this top backwards, in my opinion, simply genius! I love the jeans! And may I say that maternal look of you holding that wee baby suits you? :)
Jolene said…
I had forgotten about the Gargoyle house until I just saw the pic here! It's been years since we took a drive through Pump Hill at the expensive houses. That house actually took a very long time to be completed, I believe the original person building it went bankrupt or something like that. Hubby and I used to drive through there a lot when we were teenagers and early into adulthood before we started a family and that was our favorite house because of the gargoyles LOL. Now I think I'm going to have to suggest we take another drive through there and show the kids, they were just wee the last time we went through there, that was actually when that house with the gates was being built and we had to go check it out. Very cool houses....but ridiculously small lots for such big houses.

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