FBFF: refashioning

Elly  from Adventures in Refashioning is hosting this week's topic of refashioning your things to make them awesome again!

I had this black pencil skirt that I've had since 2006. Eventually it got boring and I just couldn't be bothered with it. So I decided to embroider a Japanese flowering tree on it. Given that I'd only stitched a couple pieces of paper before I'm rather pleased with how this turned out!

This made me want to wear this skirt again and be joyful in it!

These are old pictures but they still work!!


Sam said…
That's such a cute idea! I wish there was a better picture of the skirt front on, it looks adorable! Great way to bring life back into a basic piece!

FutureLint said…
Cuuuute! And it turned out great! I did that to an old jersey skirt a few years ago, I bought an embroidery pattern of old school swallows holding a banner that says "mom"... it's such a short skirt though, I only wear it when I go to the pool! I'll have to embroider a longer one!
Kat said…
lovey outfit! :)

What a great idea to spice up a skirt! I think it turned out beautiful and it makes the skirt more unique. Good job!

CC said…
Awesome! Great job, it turned out so pretty and now you have a one of a kind skirt. ;)
It looks lovely. I did this once with a very plain dress and it made it so much more interesting.


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