Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What it means to be blessed

This photo is from Monday but I'm writing this on Wednesday...

Today was my last day of work. So very strange. I've been so lucky to be able to work at such an interesting place. I love traveling and love learning about different cultures and languages. Working with Newcomers to Canada has let me dream of travel while learning so many things about the world.

My workplace is so diverse. We took some pictures yesterday and in one picture alone it was like a mini United Nations: Canada, Romania, Pakistan, Syria, Cambodia, Burundi, China. You know, just a regular day at the office. Any job can be a good job if you're with good people.

My coworkers have been so wonderful to me the last few days (and always). I was able to go for brunch with my old department this weekend. Then the girls got us surprise samosas. Then they planned a surprise potluck breakfast on Tuesday morning. That evening about 12 of us went out for dinner. It was such an honour that these amazing, busy women took time out of their lives to spend sometime with me to say goodbye.

And take this dress for instance. My coworker bought it for herself but found that it didn't fit. She brought it for me to try on at work and I just never even took it off. How amazing is that? Thank you Sarah!
seot 26 2011

I feel overwhelmed by the care and affection that I've felt from everyone, clients and coworkers alike. I will miss them all greatly. I already do. If any of my people are reading this: You have changed my life and that's something that I won't soon forget. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my very full heart. Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Takk, Danke, Shukrun, Obrigado, Shukriya, Mahadsanid, Arkun, Kamsamnida, Galatoome, Xie Xie... 

dress: Planet, gift from coworker
tights: Ricki's 
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope, Calgary
earrings: Ardene

Today I am overwhelmingly, inside-ly and outside-ly, all encompassing-ly, thankful... 



Style Journey said...

That's so great you have worked with kind and supportive people! It really does make all the difference and makes work a happy place to want to go to everyday!

Cara said...

It's so hard to leave a job, and one where the people and the work are so fulfilling, isn't it? It certainly seemed like the perfect job for you. Hopefully you'll find more like it in the future (once you're done adventuring... at least for a short time!)

Kirstin Marie said...

Aww, you have such sweet co-workers!! You must be so excited to embark on this new venture of yours. You look amazing, those tights are fantastic, and I LOVE your hair like that!!

FutureLint said...

Yay for a job you like and good coworkers to boot! Luckily I've loved all my jobs, it's so sad when people dread work every day! And super cute dress!

Chelsea said...

What a wonderful send off! Sounds a like a great place to have worked :) Coworkers definitely make a huge impact on how you feel at work. Glad you've got some good ones!

And that handed down dress is too fabulous! Looks great with those sweet tights too.

Lauren said...

That's amazing to find a workplace with such great people. It's always tough to leave those jobs that really make you feel welcomed and fulfilled when you leave for the day.

That outfit looks GREAT! I love the colors in the dress and the tights just finish it off perfectly!!


Franca said...

So glad your colleagues gave you a good send off! where are you off to?

monster cakes said...

What a wonderful way to be. : ) Thanks for the inspiration!

ps. Found any good smoothie concoctions?

LyddieGal said...

Sounds like it was such a great place to work, and I'm sure you will be missed. I hope you keep in touch with them all!

Love the dress too, your coworker has good taste!

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