Buried in the mud

The Gentleman Caller spent the weekend visiting with his grandparents and family members. I spent the weekend dusting behind my bed.
sept 24 2011

I also went for lunch with my mom and aunt for her birthday. It is still nice enough to sit outside, which is a blessing. It was such a lovely afternoon to spend with two beautiful women.

cadrigan: Smart Set
tank top & shorts: Ricki's
shoes: Camper
boxes: full of clothes

Today I am thankful that my family lives nearby. At least for now...

Also today is my last day of work! WHAT? I will miss these people greatly... 


Style Journey said…
I bet you are getting excited for your trip! Love the purple and black. Dusting is no fun though!

Cara said…
I can't believe your adventure is starting so soon! Hopefully, you won't miss your family too much when you're away!
laura said…
purple and black look lovely on you! And the pop of those pretty flats is a pleasant surprise!
♥ laura

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