I'd do it all for you

Today a client came in. She always pops her head in to say hi on her way to English classes. She doesn't speak much English but she and I get along. Today she plopped her bag down behind my desk and started rummaging around. She held her finger up to her lips and said "shhh. Then she threw a black scarf at me, stage whispering "Gift for you! Gift for you!"
aug 30 2011

How overwhelmingly lovely. I didn't know what to say since I'm not very good at accepting gifts and she wouldn't understand me anyhow. All I could do was say "thank you" in her language, the only word that I know. And I wrapped it around me, did a pose, and this woman gave me the biggest high five and the most beautiful smile. My heart was full. This is someone who has come to Canada as a refugee and doesn't have much money. And she gave me something that I will always treasure: that smile. How lucky I am.

dress: Old Navy
tank: Smart Set
leggings: H&M
shoes: Camper
scarf: gift from client

I wore this for half an hour until I went home to lie in the dark with only the worst headache of life for company.

Today I am thankful for my job. I get to meet interesting people who, for the most part, are lovely.


Tia said…
Those leggings! They are so gorgeous! And the shoes! I am wooed!

I hope your headache has been well and thoroughly vanquished now. :(
Style Journey said…
Your leggings are so cool! How nice of the woman to give you a scarf. It's amazing at how nice and generous people can be. Hope your headache gets better!
laura said…
Awwww! You are lucky! How nice of her to do that! That scarf is lovely and looks to be very versatile!

Sorry to hear about the aches :( Hope you feel better soon!
♥ laura

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Sarah said…
Aw, what an adorable way to get a gift. That's awesome!
geetabix said…
That is so generous of your client. You must have really made an impression on her.

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