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Today on FBFF Katy says "Let's share the words of wisdom imparted on you that made a difference. Talk about who gave you the advice, what it meant to you and how it is still relevant."

Once upon a time I was a young psychology major I took a class from an amazing professor. He had actually taught my mom years before. He is a rather eccentric person and came waltzing into class, long white hair and floor length cape flowing behind him. I took two classes from him: Psychology of Religion and Parapsychology. It was always so interesting. I remember him saying that life goes on no matter what. You can try to stop change but it will come anyway. He said:

"Grasp loosely and release firmly"

He explained that it was like carrying a small and delicate bird in your hand. It's so beautiful that you just want to hold on to it. But if you hold it too tightly then you will crush it and even the memory will be ruined. If you take care to be gentle and help things along their way when their time with you is done than you will have the beauty of the time you had together.

Embroidered fabric "notepaper" - made by me

I'm a nostalgic person. Even now that I'm leaving for Australia soon I'm finding that I'm starting to miss things that I still have. It's like I'm pre-nostalgic. It's taken me a long time to figure out that things, places, and people come like the seasons. Sometimes they are with me for a long time, some just for a short season in my life. I want to always remind myself that I shouldn't try desperately to hold on to old times. By doing that I get sad and disappointed and am always living in the past. This saying reminds me to live in the moment, enjoy what is here, and let it go with grace when it's time.

It's tough to do. Be brave my little friends.
PS: that professor was pretty old and he always walked to school even in the dead of winter. About 5 or 6 years ago he was up on his roof and somehow fell off. He became a quadriplegic because of that fall and had to live at our rehab hospital. After some time of recovery he started to teach again, in small groups that came to the hospital for class. A friend of mine went to visit him and he seemed like his old self. He said that this accident and the state of his body were just a new challenge that he had to learn to live with. He wasn't grasping too viciously at his past abilities but rather accepting and perfecting his new body and the challenges and beauty that brought... Amazing man.


Wow that is inspiring. Poor man what an awful thing to happen, amazing that he is so positive. Good advice from him and from you!
Amara said…
I really like that advice - I haven't heard that before. Also, I knew that had happened, but didn't know he was teaching again. That's so inspiring to hear!
Dress Me Polly said…
The prof sounds so interesting! I'm picturing Hogwarts rather than uni. Unique advice.
You're going to Australia? Where? I guess I should be reading more on the blog to find out...
Laura said…
Wow what an inspiring professor. My mum used to tell me this same thing, and it is still something I have to work on every day. Beautiful advice!
Anonymous said…
What a wise professor! Thanks for visitng my blog today. Really enjoy the FBFF and meeting new people.

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