Working with people from other countries means that we  talk about the similarities and differences about our cultures, lives, and most importantly FOOD!
I have a new favourite food thanks to my Syrian friend. It's called Makdous and basically it's a salty pickled eggplant stuffed with red peppers and walnuts. And that doesn't sound like something I would normally love but I really really do... sooooo good!

In other news it really feels like autumn. It got down to -4 C (28F) last night and it was chilly. Not cold enough to close my windows all the way but enough to pile a cuddle blanket on the bed and snuggle in. 

sept 14 2011

This also means that I'm able to wear tights! And that is an exciting moment! I walked about 10 blocks to meet my family for dinner and had to wear a hat! I think that I'm only excited about this colder weather because I know that I'm not going to be staying in it for very long at all!

top: Joe Fresh
dress: Ricki's
belt: H&M
tights: gift, from a Halloween store
boots: Steve Madden from Gravity Pope


Today I am thankful for only having 9 days left of work. So thankful. But I will miss the people I work with so very much...
Title: Hello in Arabic


Vanessa said…
Love the flirty full skirt!
FutureLint said…
That dress is just darling and I love the bold striped tights!
Chelsea said…
oooh I LOVE the peaking striped tights under my most favorite boots. and that dish you mentioned sounds delicious!

can't wait to follow your new adventure in AUS :)you'll be just in time for spring/summer!
geetabix said…
My mouth is watering at the thought of those eggplants. Looks delicious!
Anonymous said…
I wore tights for the first time this season this week too and they made me feel frisky!
laura said…
I love this outfit! Your dress is so cute, and I'm a sucker for tights! I get super happy, too, when tights weather hits. Giddy!

And om nom nom. I love eggplant so much-- your description made me drool.
♥ laura

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Amber Lena said…
you are so cute with those tights. I'm excited for cooler weather for the tights reason too (who would have thought??)

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