Breaking threads

In September 2007 my friends and I rented a house in Cyprus. It was beautiful and hot everyday. I friend of mine had given me a little bag as a going away gift. It was tied with bright pink ribbon. One day it fell out so I put in in my hair. While I was swimming in the pool the ribbon fell out of my hair so I tied it around my wrist.

I thought I would remove it when it got a bit grubby. I never did. It finally fell off today, worn through with day to day living since 2007. It was pretty important to me because it always reminded me of my friends who live in far off places around the world.

The skin underneath is a bit pale and very soft. My wrist feels naked. But maybe this means that it's time to make new memories and go on new adventures. 


Vanessa said…
I love the story behind this unexpected accessory! Sorry to hear that the fragile fabric broke, but how cool to have that story to share!
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog regarding daring dressing! I try to find flattering styles that are really fun and interesting, too!
Your ribbon reminds me of the jade bracelets my friend wore growing up in Malaysia. There the goal was to not break the bracelets, because if you broke them then you were a rambunctious and unladylike girl. She always broke hers :)

Your ribbon and you had an amazing journey, and if it finally fell of it's because it was time. Something new (possibly with ribbon) is on the horizon.
FutureLint said…
That's amazing it stayed on so long! I've done that randomly with strings before, but they've never lasted more than a year!

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