Fairy Princess!

I'm lucky that the Gentleman Caller doesn't overtly think that I'm entirely ridiculous. Because really? This was an outrageous purchase.

feb 13 2011

I've always wanted a petticoat, a tutu. Ever since I was a little girl taking dance classes I wanted to wear something with loads of layers, something almost too pretty. So after petting this in the store for a good 15 minutes I had to buy it. And wear it out of the store. And convince myself that the looks I got whilst walking down the street weren't because I was strange but rather awesome. We went to a pub and got Guinness wings and butter chicken curry fries. Super healthy. But I didn't care I just kept twirling and walking with an exaggerated sway.

cardigan: Ricki's 
tank: Joe Fresh
petticoat of love: Sam's from Decadence Vintage
leggings: Joe Fresh
OTK boots: Steve Madden

Maybe I am strange... but it's fun!

Today I am thankful for childhood dreams coming true! Now just to figure out how I can actually wear this thing!


Listen up, sister, for I'm about to preach the gospel: There's _no_ way _not_ to wear that thing!
Erin said…
Argh!!! I am SO jealous! Just like you, I've wanted one since I was a child...and I have no luck finding one!

ASOS had the cutest skirt type one, but of course they sold out before I could get it.

It looks awesome, wear it as much as possible! I will live vicariously through you until I find one of my own!
Kirstin Marie said…
LOVE. I want one of those skirts so badly.

You are a very pretty fairy princess. :)
You look fantabulous! You should wear it wherever you go! I feel like giving you ballet pumps and asking you to twirl while I play Fur Elise!
Matt said…
I LOVE this post and this outfit!! And I totally wish I was as brave as you to buy something like that and walk out of the store twirling and being so awesome! I'm so glad I found your blog!! :)

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