She's convinced she could hold back a glacier

Today was my last EDO before my job ends next week. I'm still hoping something might come up where I work now and then maybe I can find a part time job elsewhere... Trying so hard to trust the universe!
mar 21 2011

Today I did super exciting things like did my laundry and took the recycles in. I made $45 from cans and bottles!
So yes, I have the blogger bun going on. I like to call it the why wash/brush your hair when you are going to get all sweaty at Zumba in a few hours anyway look. I think it works!

top & skirt: Ricki's ages ago
leggings: Old Navy
boots: Steve Madden
belt: vendor at Folk Fest '10

This weekend I also managed to do something that I've been meaning to do for ages: put pictures up on my wall.

Today I am thankful for time off, for weekends full of laughter with friends, hanging out with Gentleman, dinner with family, and the last ringette games of the year...


laura said…
love the bun! and those boots are fab on you!
Allison said…
I think the bun totally works. I'm sure the job situation will work out. When one door closes yadda yadda yadda ;)
Amber Lena said…
Bloggers bun? Who coined that term? I'm totally sporting a bun today, hee hee. I agree with Allison - it will work out.

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Bella said…
Hey, the "blogger bun" works and I'm trusting the universe will have a way of working out your current circumstances. Here's hoping everything is still a work in process! In the meantime, may I say you look sassy in this outfit? I love the detailing on the neckline of this top!
LyddieGal said…
I love the neckline on your top, and the waist bag is just so fab!

Chic on the Cheap
geetabix said…
Great outfit and great photos!!

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