I wore two pairs of tights today for warmth. Unfortunately it was super warm inside the office and thus unnecessary.
england 1

This was super comfortable (aside from the heat) and I love how the tights look together. But the photos came out blurry. I don't understand how photos can turn out so drastically different when the camera is on the same setting with the same lighting conditions.
dress: Joe Fresh
red sash: Le Chateau ?
red tights: We Love Colours
leggings: H&M
boots: Spring

Today I am thankful that I have a brain and actually like to use it. I have a hard time following rules when they benefit no party involved. I especially have a hard time following rules when no one is able to explain to me why is it a rule at all. Anyway I'm happy I am able to think for myself. And that is great.


FutureLint said…
I love the addition of the long shiny sash! I keep forgetting to layer opaque tights with patterned ones, it's going to be too warm soon!
Kinsey said…
I love how you layered the tights here! I haven't been able to do that yet, but it is so chic and looks great!
Melissa said…
Cameras. Frustrating, no?

I love the layered tights and the scarf/belt/sash is super fun!

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Matt said…
I love this outfit!! (And all the posts between this one and my last comment, I hope your trip is/was fun too!) :)

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