polka dotted past

During the shopping in Edmonton I got a fabulous new dress. I love the blue polka dots with the peach belt. Also I have been swooning over over-the-knee boots for a long time and finally found some!

We went out for lunch with the Gentleman's family and then went to the wave pool. It was so fun! We bobbed around in the pool and went on lazy river slides with tubes. The Gentleman went on a few waterslides too. I didn't. I have a phobia of my bathing suit ripping and my bottom being shown to the world.
cardigan: Ricki's 
dress & leggings: H&M
blue tights: We Love Colours
necklace: self-made
shoes: Melissa

Since I was on holiday I had limited choices of legwear options. I'm not sure that I like the blue poking out the bottom with the shoes but I just had to wear the new dress and needed something to cover my cold toes!

Today I am thankful for swimming and feeling like a mermaid!


I'm not sure if leggings over tights is my favorite look, but I heartily applaud your experimentation! And you're completely right about that dress - it's fantastic!
Allison said…
Gorgeous polka dots! Wow!
I haven't been on a water slide in years, but whenever I consider it, I too fear a ripped bathing suit and exposed bottom. Maybe if we layered?!
Melissa said…
Totally, totally, totally love the peach and blue! I've never seen those two colors together before and they're fabulous! I really like the layered tights too.

Sounds like you had a fun time - yay!

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Bella said…
How I love these tights! And the layering? Great idea! This dress looks like a fun piece!
Hope said…
Oh man, what a great dress!! It's things like your dress that makes me so sad that I have NO H&M in the 3 hour radius.
This is so fantastic. I love your style!

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