Time Warp

So today is Saturday, the day before I leave on a little trip. But you won't see this until Monday, the day I return... Time Warp Baby!

feb 25 2011

dress: Smart Set
tights: We love colours
cartoon villan shoes: Jeff Silverman, designed by me

Today I'm thankful for airplanes and the opportunity to travel!


Sal said…
You did the Jeff Silverman thing! LOVE those booties! Are they comfy? Well made?
Kimberly said…
That is awesome that you designed your booties. I have created a couple of pairs, but haven't pulled the trigger yet!
As always, you're just gorgeous, lady!
Bella said…
You never fail to impress and this dress totally flatters your curves, lady! You look great!
Rebekah said…
Hi! I'm a new follower--I clicked over from Katy's FBFF post. I've been catching up on your posts, and I want your wardrobe! I especially love all your dresses and shoes! And I must say, your curves look insane in this dress! You go girl!

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