The motherland 2011

Last night literally consisted of opening the window, cuddling up on the couch with my book and falling asleep for many hours. I even fell asleep in the middle of a text from the Gentleman. Heavens!
Since I basically have nothing to say about my real life, here's a short recap from my recent trip.

So winter was really hard this year: dark, cold cold cold and with loads of snow. I had a bad day in a series of bad days and thought that my week off could be better spent than huddling and hermiting in my apartment by myself. So, you know, I went to England.
Carnaby Street, where they have an entire store dedicated to Irregular Choice shoes!

It was such a pleasure to be able to be outside and walking around for 4-5 hours a day. I absolutely love walking and exploring cities known and unknown.
From outside the Tate Modern
Inside the British Museum

 People always ask if I went to this or that museum or tourist thing... and really? I didn't. I figured that it was my holiday to do with what I pleased. And if I wanted to walk and watch people, popping into pubs to warm up with a book and a beer, that's what I would do without feeling guilty.
At the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum
Pint and a curry in Covent Garden

I stayed at a hostel which was ok. The only bad part was a couple came arrived at 3am the first night. Instead of behaving like normal people who check in that late (grab pjs, toothbrush, stay silent and get to bed) they had a full on conversation and unpacked! So rude!

They also had a mobile phone with a very obnoxious ringtone that they would set at what I'm sure was the highest level and let ring madly at 6am! Argh!!

I was able to meet up with two of my friends that I worked with at a pub in 2006-2007 while I was in London. It was so nice to catch up as I haven't seen them for ages! I took a trip up to Turnpike Lane in North London to the area I lived in for 3 months. I was very poor and travel weary at the time and I don't think I realized how dodgy it really was...

My neighbourhood

Shady as hell
My old house which I shared with 8 boys and 1 girl
I also spent the weekend in the country with my English friend who I met in NYC in the summer. So I got to hang out with her and her sister and another guy we worked with.
Eating toad in a hole at The Five Bells pub

Window shopping in Southwold

 It was so lovely! I was also able to go with a bunch of girls to a bridesmaid's dress fitting and a chilled out hen party! 

We also went to the pub where we worked for lunch and got to see my English 'mum' and her daughter who is now 8 (When I first met her she was 2.5 years old! Ahh!)

It was a lovely, very fast trip and I'm grateful that I was able to go.

Today I am thankful for the couches that I got for $150 at a garage sale are not only the perfect colour of 1970s green but also surprisingly comfortable for a nap!


FutureLint said…
That sounds like a lovely and relaxing trip! Awesome!
Cara said…
I certainly do have a soft spot for 1970s decor - I rented a basement suite in my grandparents' apartment my first year of university. At first I tried to fight the 70s charm of it all, but in the end, I embraced it and loved it!
Bella said…
It was so great to read your trip's recap and see your photos! Thanks for sharing! I've yet to visit England but it's definitely on my list of places to see someday. I'm glad you were able to relax...except for the night of the annoying couple who came in late. The world is filled with inconsiderate people who are a pain in the "arse!" :)
geetabix said…
Looks like a great trip. I'd happily take a week or two of English weather over Alberta as well :) Hopefully you are refreshed after getting away!
Matt said…
Sounds like so much fun!!! And people watching and walking around is a great way to vacation if you ask me! (And I usually love hostels too, but I know how they can go wrong too... I've seen a few hostels and just went "Oh hell no." and just kept on walking :) ). The pictures look like it was a fabulous trip!! And yay for falling asleep on the couch with a book! :)
You didn't go to museums?!?! The curator in me shames you! The rest of me doesn't mind, though.

I adore other people's photographs from trips because I love seeing what they felt was valuable enough to capture. And I'm quite jealous you got to go to England (more than once!). My grandmother's from England, and although she ran away to Canada when she was 18, she still loves her motherland and began brainwashing me to be quite the Anglophile from a young age.

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