Melt your silver down

This colour is one of my favourites. It looks good on everyone and seems to light up life in general.
england 4

I have these shoes in 3 different colours. I got this particular pair from Ebay for cheap cheap. I think they were so inexpensive because they are slightly 2 different colours. They must have been the floor model at the store and one was left in the sun too long. Never mind. I figure that if I walk fast enough my feet will just be a blur of colour and no one will notice. Except now that I've told you. Oops. (I also feel that this theory works for unshaven legs)

top & cardigan: Ricki's
jeans: Always Skinny from Gap
shoes: Red or Dead Maxa

I don't remember when I took these pictures or why I didn't post them. However, today I am thankful for unexpected lost pictures that make pre-schedulling posts super easy for when I'm away looking at museums (or if we're being more honest, people watching out the window of a pub)


Bella said…
It's easy to understand why you like this color and that's cause it looks fantastic on you! Love it paired with the black and the shoes are wonderful! You can never tell from the pictures if they are not uniform in color and I'm sure you're the only one that can tell the difference! :)

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