Creaky bones

This was my walk to work on Friday. I understand that many of you are in something that resembles spring. Not so for us... not yet at least.

And while in black and white it is very pretty in reality it's cold, icy and dirty. Spring is beautiful because it is sunny and lovely but because of all the salt and sand on the road it's really dirty until all the snow melts and the street sweepers are out in full force.

mar 25 2011

I took my camera to work and this is what I look like when I'm headed out to lunch...

I generally don't shop at Old Navy because it's untidy for the most part and I object to standing in line to both try things on and pay. Perhaps that's my curmudgeonly attitude coming out. However, this journey was very nice! I found a parking spot, it wasn't too busy, I didn't bother to try the dress on and it was on sale plus an extra 30% off! Can't go wrong with that.

dress & leggings: Old Navy
brown tie belt: from a Joe Fresh dress
necklace: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper twins bought in New York (swoon!)

Today I am thankful for long time friends who have different lives and schedules and still make the time to get together for dancing, laughter and good times! I'm also super thankful for having nothing to do on Saturday which allowed me to read and nap on the couch all day long. I finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and it was fantastic!


Lady, we have the same dress! We're dress twins (as if we weren't twins enough already, looking as similar to one another as we do)!

We totally need to do one of those "wear it on the same day and see how we each style it" thingies.
DaniellaBella said…
Cool! That would make me happier than I piglet in booties...
FutureLint said…
I love the color of your dress and I am crazy jealous of those shoes!
LyddieGal said…
i know how you feel about the snow - cant it just be spring already!?

the new dress is cute - love the color!

Chic on the Cheap
Allison said…
Funny, my city looks about the same! I am so happy when all the sand and salt are finally washed away.
I love the dress - my friend has the same one in a plum colour. It looks lovely! I also like your outerwear jacket!
archives said…
i feel the same about old navy! but they really do have the best sales....which is why when i do venture in, i rarely pay full price for something! sign of spring here yet, either :/
laura said…
oh my gosh.... it's still winter on your side? I am going to stop complaining about how cold I am now. :) I gots to say, i LOVE that kind of legging! I just an't find them anywhere where I live!

hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Carol said…
Wow, look at that snow! You'd think it was still early January from that shot. Hoping it warms up for you soon.

The blue of that dress is wonderful! Excellent purchase. =D
Hope said…
What a fab color and I love that necklace! I don't go to Old Navy a lot either, but that dress is a great find!
Cara said…
I always expect to find something great at Old Navy, but I've never actually walked out with something for me. It does have a pretty decently good baby section.

It was snowing tonight when we left the movie, and the radio had a song on that was vaguely reminiscent of Christmas. Still depressing, regardless of how much I love a good holiday.
20 York Street said…
I actually love Old Navy,yes it not expensive but it has an almost cult followers because it actually carries great stuff!

p.s. like your dress!

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Mrs. J said…
That necklace is so PRETTY!! Your always so bubbly in your pictures..I need to be more like you!!
Vanessa said…
That dress is a spectacular color and great fit! Love it. Such a classic design. Never ever tire of it!

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