Ordeal-ing with it

On a scale of 1-awesome this weekend was maybe a 2.5. There are a few reasons for this.
mar 14 2011

1) So right before my trip my boss found out that my contract, which we thought would be extended until August, will actually be done at the end of March. Yup, as of March 31 I will be unemployed. I'm a bit worried about this as I don't know what I'm going to do next and looking for jobs is a nightmare. It was totally unexpected and a bit of a shock. If I had known sooner I wouldn't have gone to England for a week because I'll probably be needing that money sooner rather than later. I'm trying to trust the universe that everything will work out...

2) Provincial championships for my ringette team were this weekend. My amazing boss let me leave work for a few hours on Friday so that my team would have enough players so that we wouldn't have to forfeit. The game was in a small town about 1/2 hour drive from my city. I left the city and it was a bit snowy and blowy but really not that bad. Suddenly it was very very bad. I was driving by myself, in a car I've never taken on the highway before, in a complete white out. It was the scariest moment of my life. Some of the time I could see one or the other of the lines on the road. But there were also some points where I could see nothing at all. I knew that there was a car ahead of me but I couldn't see anything. At one point it cleared for a second and I saw that the yellow lines were to my left which meant that somehow I had drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic. Thank God I wasn't hit dead on. I was too afraid to turn around because I couldn't see a turn off or either lanes of traffic. I was too afraid to stop in case I got hit from behind. So slowly and terrified I made my way down the highway and eventually made it to the town 2.5 hours later. None of my team made it so I hung out with the opposing team for a few hours until it cleared up enough to try to make it back. Luckily one of the girls came with me so I wouldn't be alone. I would never want to drive in those conditions but compared to earlier it was a breeze. Unfortunately I was away from work all day. I hope my boss isn't angry but there's really nothing that I could do. Also I never want to drive again. When we finally got back into the city the games had been rescheduled very poorly. We had to play a really hard team, rush off the ice, take our skates off, walk to another rink in the complex and play another game straight away. It was exhausting, especially after the morning of terror.

3) My jaw pain was not getting better. In fact, Friday night was the worst pain I can remember (granted, I've never had children). I had to go to an emergency dentist on Saturday who agreed to see me when he saw how pathetic I looked. Turns out that it wasn't just a strained muscle or TMJ or anything like that. Nope, Miss Danielle has to get a root canal. Oh dear god. Also, I stupidly chose to discontinue my insurance from work because it was really expensive. That means that I'll be paying about $2000 in the next week. At the moment I'm on Tylenol 3's and antibiotics, which are an absolute godsend and I'm so so so thankful for.

black top: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
leggings: Dorothy Perkins
bootsL Steve Madden from Gravity Pope

I'm so thankful for my family for being there for me, my Gentleman for medicinal cuddles, and my friends for understanding when I couldn't make it to things this weekend.


Sending hugs across the internet void!

It's hard for me to not imagine your lovely face smiling, but at least you can get Tylenol 3 up there (non-existent where I am).

And I, too, will soon be out of le job so once your mouth is feeling better I'll send you ice cream and cookie dough over the internet and we'll commiserate together.
DaniellaBella said…
Oh Katie! I'm sorry for you and your job! Ice cream and cookie dough seem like the only solutions and I'm totally in! What do you do without the option of T3s???
Cara said…
What a horrible week for you! But amazing that you can still be thankful through it all! There are times I hear murmurs of unposted jobs at work, so I'll be sure to pay attention to those!
Well I hope this week is better for you. My weekend has been pretty rubbish too spent almost every waking hour in my work place (a Pub) due to lots of sport and the next week looks to be just as busy, so no fun for me!

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Melissa said…
Oh honey. That sounds awful!

I'm glad you made it through the drive okay and I'm so sorry to hear about your job. I know how devastating that is. I'm glad that you do have just a teeny bit of notice. Small silver lining?

You do look adorable! I hope that counts for something. :)

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FutureLint said…
Oh now! So many unfortunate things at once! I am terrified of ever having to get a root canal, so good luck! I know everything will work out in the end, it's just scary when it all comes falling down at once! On the upside, you look terribly happy and cute in the photos!
monster cakes said…
So I totally have TMJ, and one morning I woke up with lock jaw and couldn't eat or talk. Crazy! I definitely know how painful that is, so I hope you feel better! And I'm SOOO glad someone else loves the movie ONCE! I love that movie, and the soundtrack was amazing too.
Matt said…
I'm so sorry for all of that!!! I really hope everything works out! And good luck with it all!

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