I've worn this whole outfit together before. I like it though because it packs up small and looks good.

This picture was taken while on mini-holiday in Edmonton earlier this month. We wandered around the mall and had Indian food.
cardigan & dress: ricki's
leggings: H&M
boots: Spring
mini bag: Danier

After the mall we went to a pub for a drink and then went for Mexican food. Best enchiladas ever!

Today I am thankful for holidays! And pictures taken in natural light!


Dude, why is there a ship in the middle of the Edmonton mall? Crazy Albertans...
geetabix said…
There's a submarine too.
Melissa said…
LOVE those patterned tights with the hot red dress! You look awesome!!!

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Bella said…
Those patterned tights are super fabulous! You always feature the greatest tights! I think they're most definitely one of your trademarks! :)
Matt said…
I love the outfit!! Super cute! But I'm with Katie... why is there a ship in the middle of the mall? :)

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