Gone a bit dotty

I got back from holiday last night after a 3.5 hour drive from the English countryside to Heathrow airport, 8 hour flight, a mad dash through customs and the Toronto airport, and a 3.5 hour flight home. Long day.
mar 8 2011

I thought that today would be horrible as I'm returning to the cold weather, am tired and had a dentist appointment. Luckily it's pretty nice today, my appointment was super easy and not painful, and a found an awesome belt for $4! Wicked!

Today is pancake day, International Women's day and Everybody Every Wear polka dots day! I love dots because I think they are such a retro, fun and usually flattering pattern.

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

hat: H&M
glasses: Prada
jacket & dress: Ricki's
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: New Look

Today I'm thankful for unexpected lovely things!


Cara said…
I love the pink with the dots! And it was so nice out today! After work today, I strolled from 11th & Hamilton to Cathedral for a bit of shopping, and while it was definitely cold on my fingers when I was texting, it was such a nice rejuvenating walk!
When do we get details about your trip!
Allison said…
Welcome back!! I hope you had a lovely trip!
I really like your polka dots with pink and the very rocker jacket!
laura said…
pink and black! my favorite color combo!!! That jacket looks fantastic on you and the hue of those pink tights are just right! :)
Linda said…
Woah...that pink really pops with the dots!

Thanks for joining us at EBEW today!
The Auspicious Life
Kirstin Marie said…
Too cute. I love your pictures, all the time. You seriously have the best pictures, and the greatest poses. Your dress is AWESOME, and I love it with the pink tights, your pink hat, and your fabulous pink hair.

You ROCK those dots Girl! :) Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D
Brittney said…
i love this--you look so cute and happy in these pics. those bright tights are perfectly whimsical with your polka dots; i think it makes your outfit so fun and cheerful. what a great look!
http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog)
Amber Lena said…
O M G I LOVE this look!

Amber Lena
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