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Today is my first day back to work in... oh many a day.
mar 9 2011

I dreamed about this outfit and thought it deserved a go.
I've never done the jeans tucked into boots thing before. I guess I was always a bit concerned that it would shorten my legs and emphasize my generous, strong thighs... however, it's always good to try something once, I reckon. Except liver (unless it's in pate form and then I'm all for it!) and tongue (how could I possibly deal with the visible taste buds? Eww sick).

top: Joe Fresh
jeans: Gap
necklace: Farmer's market
utility belt: vendor at Folk Fest
boots: Ayla

I'm planning to post a few pictures of my trip sometime this week when I get my life together.

Today I'm thankful for having nothing planned for this evening. I can take a bath and read a book and chill out.

Last night my dreams were peppered with dreams of war and child soldiers (complete with full on ballroom skirts and pink machine guns but still). What we do to other human beings is sometimes horrible and hard. Let's be extra good to each other today, ok?


That belt! That belt! And you are still the queen of black and brown.
FutureLint said…
I think you look fabulous with the jeans tucked in! I love how you kept it neutral so all the focus can be on THE MOST AMAZING BELT I'VE EVER SEEN!
Allison said…
Oh I love that belt and the boots look awesome over jeans! And yes, people can be very horrible to each other. I'm all for spreading a little love and kindness!
LyddieGal said…
Okay, talking about tongue is giving me shivers.

But you can totally wear jeans tucked into boots, you look awesome! Love the waist bag as well!

Chic on the Cheap
For some reason you are reminding me of a dominatrix in this getup! Not saying that it's bad, it's good and sexy even!
Matt said…
I think this is fabulous!! The outfit looks great! Of course, I love the boots tucked into jeans look... so I am biased! But still! Super cute! :)

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