Bright, Sun Shiny Day

This weekend consisted of not doing too much. I had drinks with my work mates on Friday and then watched a movie in a genuine man-cave. The entire wall was a projector screen... whoa. I've caught a cold/flu bug so I went for lunch with some girlies on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day sleeping on the couch and coughing. On Sunday, the Gentleman Caller and I went to see the King's Speech. It was really good! Oh Colin Firth... you'll never be as attractive as you were in Pride and Prejudice. Oh Mr Darcy!!

apr 4 2011

Today I'm still not feeling super so I'm laying low and cleaning. This is what one wears to clean apparently.
tank top: H&M
poncho: farmer's market
skirt: Ricki's
leggings: Old Navy
scarf: Portobello road market

Today I am so so so grateful for the sun to be shining and it to be warm enough in my apartment to warrant opening a window for a wonderful cool breeze!


Anonymous said…
Your cleaning is really too cute, you must go out instead. To think I usually clean in

I hope you feel better! :)
Cara said…
Sure, you make me feel guilty for wearing pajamas today!!! Fine, I'll go change!

Did you see the PG or the R version of the King's Speech? I want to see it, but the fella only wants to see the original "R" version, and apparently can't find anywhere in Regina to see it!
Allison said…
This is a very cute cleaning ensemble! I really liked The King's Speech. Colin Firth, be still my heart...
I opened my windows this weekend too, just for a little while because it was a bit too cold but I just couldn't help myself! Yay! Fresh air!
laura said…
I am never so fashionable when I clean. Love that poncho! And I really don't understand the appeal of COlin Firth!!!
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
geetabix said…
The poncho looks so comfy and cosy :)
Melissa said…
That sounds like a fabulous weekend!

But why on earth are you cleaning if you don't feel well?! Go take a nap!

Although by now I hope you're better. :)

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