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Do you ever have those nights when you should be sleeping but instead you're listening to music and a song you haven't heard in a while comes on and you think "this is the best song!" And then another comes on and it's all "THIS is the BEST song!" And then another comes on and suddenly you're singing along, interspersing "no, this one, this is the best one ever!"into the lyrics and doing high kicks, narrowly missing your grandmothers china?

apr 5 2011

No? Just me then? Huh.

I wanted a girly makeup look to go with this pretty dress.

Since at the moment I have no real reason to get up and decent at a disgustingly early hour... I don't. I got dressed up to take myself on a date. I went for lunch and a glass of wine and read Sherlock Holmes. I even had a good talk with the bartender about books. And then I went to buy some Posie Tint... because I'm pretty sure it's going to be amazing!

I love the ladylikeness of the dress and the bad-assery of the OTK boots.
Also, I cannot get the lighting right, now that I'm taking pictures during the day. Everything is fuzzy or dark! Grrr... I shall keep trying!

top: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
earrings: craft fair
necklace: self made
belt: Avoca in Ireland
leggings: Dynamite
boots: Steve Madden

Today I'm thankful for the magic of mobile phones. My parents are in Spain and are using a phone and SIM card I got in England. They called this morning and it was so lovely to speak briefly with them. I cannot imagine having to always write letters and wait months to hear from loved ones.

And for my next trick I present a frightening outtake:
Actually, I kinda like it... noses are overrated

Title: Thistle & Weeds by Mumford & Sons


Chelsea said…
OMG... I have that dress and I had never thought to layer UDNER it and you've just given me SO MANY MORE OPTIONS! woohoo!

also, I'm in love with those boots and I want them. Now.

You look fantastic!
DaniellaBella said…
COOL! I just really hate those type of sleeves, I'm not sure who they look good on. And I seem to have misplaced my good black cardi...
Layering is always a good option! Can't wait to see how you do it, Miss Chelsea!
Bella said…
Personally, I love the ruffles around the neckline of this dress and the color is divine. I don't know why it makes me think of ballerinas! :) Like Chelsea said, I like that you've presented the option to layer. Not being a risk taker, I don't think this would have occurred to me. Thank goodness for stylish blogs like yours that always lead the way!
hurricanekerrie said…
What a pretty, dreamy dress! Love the ruffles and the lightness of the fabric. It's also nice that you paired it with the blue.
Allison said…
That's such a pretty dress! I loved with the boots. Pretty and badass all rolled up into one! I haven't danced around doing high kicks in a while, maybe it's time!
Cara said…
Ha ha! That last picture is great.

I love that shirt. And I always find myself on youtube throwing mini-dance parties in my living room during nostalgic moments generally relating to music of the mid-nineties. I have yet to break anything, but that's only because someone scurries around the room around me moving anything breakable in my path!
Claire said…
love the dress! great little details. you look fantastic. love the make-up too!

amber said…
i'm loving the dress!! and i have always wanted to put a pink streak in my hair! it looks so cool!! :)
laura said…
Beautiful ensemble! I love that dress. It is truly gorgeous. and I love how you layered it! Your girly makeup is fantastic :) I get like that sometimes... It usually happens when I'm alone and have no movies to watch. So I get on YT and just scroll through videos, singing along, dancing along... for a very loooong time.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Ruby Girl said…
cute look! love it!! found you through clyde's rebirth---> <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

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