Filming Easter

Saturday was Easter dinner with friends. The Gentleman Caller and my best friend both recently completed the Film Studies program along with many of their friends. Quite a few moved away after convocation last year. As per tradition we all got together for a delicious potluck Easter dinner! It was so lovely seeing that whole group again!

april 23, 2011

I brought some potatoes and Skittles-infused vodka. Mixed with Sprite, it was delicious! And so brightly coloured! This will be my project for the summer!

cardigan: Ricki's
dress & leggings: Joe Fresh
studded blue suede shoes: gift, from Spain
orange purse, necklace: gift, from Spain 


Today I am thankful for the fact that sometimes even when things change, they stay the same. Also all of my lovely gifts from my mom and dad who went to Spain recently.


Chelsea said…
skittle infused vodka??? did you make this or do they sell it? that sounds MEGA delicious with sprite!

and your gifts from Spain are lovely in this outfit! love all the colors, especially in that fabulous necklace! what what!
Allison said…
Skittle infused vodka? YUM.
I love that dress! I almost bought it when I was grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago. I put it back, but think of it often. We could be dress twins!
Cara said…
You are going to have to post instructions for skittle infused vodka!!

This is a bright, cheery outfit! Hopefully the event was just as bright and cheery!
geetabix said…
Nice pink dress!
Kinsey said…
I love the color of this dress. PS, thanks for the skittle vodka recipe!!!
Melissa said…
Pink is a great color on you! You look adorable in this outfit. I'm glad you had a good Easter!

Now I can't wait until I get to that recipe in my reader...

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Bella said…
Lady, you look amazing, but then again, when don't you look amazing! I have totally checked out your post on the Skittles vodka and I have to say I'd never heard of it before but boy, does it look like fun! I second Melissa, you loo great in pink!
Anonymous said…
You look great and I'm going to try the skittle vodka recipe soon. I think my family and friends would enjoy that. Your necklace is beautiful!

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