It's hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair

So I was reading Franca's post about the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding theme party that she went to. And then I got sucked down a youtube vortex. I literally spent the entire day watching all five episodes of this show. I've always found gypsies and travellers fascinating.
apr 12 2011

I guess I've always wanted to know more about people who consider people and tradition more of a home than a place. I'm not sure how accurate this was but it was really interesting. And I couldn't stop watching it...

blazer: Ricki's with bright buttons added on by me
top: Joe Fresh
skirt: Next, embroidered be me
shoes: Ebay

Today I am thankful that I have a loving home that I can always go back to. And also that I'm not obsessed with a massive (or any) wedding.

Title: Cloud on my Tongue by Tori Amos


LyddieGal said…
I've never heard of that show, but it sounds fun.
Love the pencil skirt, so fab!
Damnit! I'd resigned myself to not being able to watch it because you can't stream UK channels in the states. I hadn't even thought of YouTube. There goes my day...
FutureLint said…
I love when you wear bright pink! I'm gonna have to check out that show - sounds fascinating!
geetabix said…
That is such a great outfit! Looks like a job interview outfit :)
laura said…
I had to google that show... and oh em gee, it is on my TO WATCH AFTER THESIS DEFENSE list.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Mrs. J said…
I read that post, but didn't google the show it sounds interesting. You look so chic someone must be ready to take over the world! :)

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