Dressing down

I'm really behind in outfit posts. Ah well, what can you do?
Thursday I had a crafty afty with my friend. I hauled an enormous backpack of craft supplies over to her house and we sat on the floor, eating tacos, painting and chatting. The blank page is super intimidating! I always hesitate to make the first mark on a bit of pristine paper but once I do I always enjoy the process even if the end result isn't what I see in my head.

apr 14, 2011

I wanted to be as comfortable as possible for creativity to flow through. Then I remembered that Erin has "fashion sweatpants" and Allison has been "on a lifelong quest to make sweatpants suitable for public consumption". Soooooo I took some cropped yoga pants (the only sweats-like thing I own) and Danielle-ified them.

cardigan: Ricki's 
dress: H&M
yoga sweats: Smart Set
boots: Steve Madden
earrings: Folk Fest vendor

Today I'm grateful for the wonderful trivia team we had this year. It was such a pleasure to help everyone to find their knowledge niche and learn how to trust each other on who knew what! We won the semester overall so now we've won a keg party. We may have to recruit more beer-drinking friends to help us dispose of 16 jugs of beer...


geetabix said…
Those are yoga sweats? They look so dressy! It's such a grown-up look. I love it.
Judy C said…
What a great outfit. I need yoga sweats. Lots of them. And then I need yoga shorts.
Allison said…
Thanks for the mention lady! I think you've done it. You've made sweatpants fit for public consumption. The awesome dress doesn't hurt! I applaud you!
Chelsea said…
just brilliant! those yoga sweats look tres chic in this combo. love the whole damn look, lady!

and congrats on trivia winning! something tells me you'll be able to find help with that keg :)
laura said…
Awesome to the possum. They don't look like sweat pants at all! More like trouser capris.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Cara said…
Wow, you make workout capris look classy!

We didnt' stick around for all 8 rounds of trivia, but figured your team undoubtedly won again! I will miss trivia, but I won't miss the getting-home-late-and-cold part of it!
Huzzah for winning, huzzah for sweatpants!
Mrs. J said…
Oh the joys of crafts and comfortable pants. You still look dressed up and cool! What did you make??
LyddieGal said…
sounds like a really fun way to spend the day! you should totally post what you've created!

Chic on the Cheap
Kirstin Marie said…
This is so cute. I love that you used yoga pants, they actually work out really well, and I'm sure you were super comfy! :)
FutureLint said…
You look very sophisticated and artsy in this! Who knew yoga pants could look so chic?!

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