Hopping down the bunny trail

Easter Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny.

apr 24 2011

It included church with the family and giggling with my little cousins and racing around the house to beat my sister in the Easter hunt.

dress: Joe Fresh (dude, it has pockets!)
blazer: Ricki's
pearls: were my grandma's
shoes: Anne Michelle
purse: gift

Today I am thankful for high heeled shoes! They make me so tall and powerful!


LyddieGal said…
Ya for dresses with pockets! they are the best.
And those cut out pumps are adorable.
Katie said…
Pockets for the Win!
Allison said…
Another awesome dress from Joe Fresh! Hope you got lots of eggs :)
Mrs. J said…
Lovely outfit, those pumps are adorable, fabulous and wonderful! I think I love your shoes, that blazer and your dress! :)
FutureLint said…
That dress is adorable and I totally agree - why do pockets make every dress or skirt soo much better?!?
laura said…
Those high heeled shoes (that make you feel powerful and tall) are fantabulous. I love that detail on the front!
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
geetabix said…
LOVE the outfit, especially the pockets dress, and the purse that goes so perfectly :)

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