Moon Doggy

This morning I had a pulmonary function test for The Asthma. My appointment was for 8:45am and I was finished and back in the car at 8:50. I was a little early but still, not worth getting up for since I didn't sleep well last night. I also went over to my parents house to see the state my tornado-like sister has left the place in. Also to leave her a treat of Peanut Butter Brownies that I made last night. I have to get them out of the apartment or I will, sadly, inhale them.

apr 6 2011

You can tell it's spring by the little amounts of snow! (yes, I'm hilariously Canadian, making jokes about the weather). Yesterday when I was walking for lunch I passed by the yard of the apartment building across the street. On Thursday, when I last walked by there was still loads of snow in the yard. Now? umm something else is there. You see, the apartment allows dogs. And the yard with where they do what they have to. The dog owners never bothered to pick up after the dogs all winter as everything just kept getting covered in my snow... Now the yard looks like a poo bomb has gone off. It's disgusting. I wonder how long they'll leave it. eww.

jacket: Ricki's Christmas sale
top: Smart Set
skirt: Ricki's for $10!
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: New Look

Today I'm thankful for the BBC TV show Sherlock. I've been watching it on Sidereel and it is fabulous! Sadly, there are only 3 90 minute episodes in the first season and I have to wait to find out what happens next!


Cara said…
Wow, you're just always fancied up! I now feel guilty about still being in my pajamas... or wearing weird and strange outfits to the grocery store because they're "comfortable"
Allison said…
It must be spring - shoes AND a non-winter jacket! Yay! I love your blue tights and sassy heels! Fabulous!

There are several areas near where I live that have been poo-bombed. Not sure when winter became a reason not to clean up after your dog...
Judy C said…
I love your outfit. The colors work so well. And I'm glad there is no snow here. I'd send you some Spring if I could.
LyddieGal said…
You know that they will never clean it. Nature will take care of it.

I love your electric blue tights today!
Kinsey said…
10 bucks? What a steal! I love finding great deals on super cute things! PS, loving those tights. Wish it wasn't snowy where you are though!
Bella said…
Where I live, you get fined if you don't pick up your doggy poop! I think it's disgusting that people don't assume responsibility for their animals' "business." You are looking fantastic in this outfit! I love it! And I love the color of those tights.
laura said…
Oh Em gee... I Lurve Sherlock! And I cannot wait until the next "Season" comes out.. I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch..
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Kirstin Marie said…
You look gorgeous, girl! I love the way that skirt looks on you, and the layering of the blue is really nice. That's so gross that the dog owners didn't pick up after their dog. So rude! I hope your test results come out OK!!
Vanessa said…
Love the electric blue tights! They add such a fun pop of color to the grey!

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