Falling asleep in a poppyfield

We always make the best breakfasts on Sunday morning. This Sunday we went grocery shopping and then made amazing Huevos Rancheros...
apr 10 2011

I also managed to wash my car and remember what colour it is... So that was pretty lovely. Then the Gentleman Caller barbecued steaks and made caesar salad while I made the mustard mashed potatoes and mushrooms. It was delicious. Mostly we just love making food together!

dress & cardigan: Ricki's 
head scarf: from a ribbon watch
shoes: Fly London

Today I am so so so thankful for weather that allows me to get my legs out even when there is snow on the grass... It's been such a long, hard winter!


Judy C said…
That dress is wonderful. So Spring.
So when are you inviting me over for dinner again?

P.S. Poppy print dress + red, ruby slipper-esque shoes = win!
FutureLint said…
The print on that dress is fabulous and I love the shoes too!
Sick by Trend said…
you look fantastic!! beautiful dress :D I'm following!

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LyddieGal said…
Love the poppy dress! You are so lucky to be enjoying some nice weather!

Chic on the Cheap
Cara said…
What a gorgeous dress!! It looks fabulous on you!
Anonymous said…
Awwww...enjoy the great weather and you look fabulous! I love/want/need your shoes in my life. :)
Bella said…
What's not to like about this dress! Lady, you can do no wrong! Everything about the outfit is perfect...the dress, the shoes..I want it all! And I want the Significant Other to be more like the Gentleman Caller and make me dinner. Or at the very least, to be as excited to cook with me! :)
Allison said…
You look great and look at all of that bright light shining in! Also, I want to come over for dinner.
laura said…
What a beautiful, beautiful outfit! I love the print on that skirt and the shoes you paired with them! Black, red, and white are totally classic :)
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
melanie said…
love your blog. happy i found it :)
Louise said…
Shoes + floral dress + ruby red.... I LOVE IT! You look so gorgeous, and I am jealous that your legs get to come out and play while mine have to stay pasty for a bit longer. :-)

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