I wouldn't want it any other way

My goodness! You internet people are truly amazing! Thank you thank you for you comments on yesterdays 'poor me' post. And thanks so much for sharing your best compliments that you've received. I think it's pretty important to keep the good things close to your heart. Once I went to a conference for employment counsellors and learned about portfolios. Where you keep a little representation of everything that makes you who you are. Things like degrees, resumes and references but also thank you letters, compliments, and things you are proud of. That way, even if you don't bring it to a job interview to show potential employers your skills, you can look at it before to remind yourself of all the successes that you've had in the past. I call it my Happy Danielley file. Anyways, the point is that I'm going to print out all your comments and tuck it there! So thank you a zillion times!
apr 16 2011

This is from Saturday night when the Gentleman Caller and I went bowling for a work fuction of his. It was pretty fun and then we ended up at the local biker bar (last time I was there with my 62 year old co-worker and her 70 year old husband! So not actually dangerous at all!) and listened to a folky, hipster post-ska band.

top & cardigan: Ricki's
jeans: Smart Set
earrings: Santa Claus
necklace: some shop in Madrid
shoes: Spring

Today I'm thankful that I started this little blog, without which I never would have met any of you (yes you!) wonderful people who are working in small ways in your corner of the world to make it better and more lovely. Thank you...


laura said…
I love the idea behind your happy Danielley file! :) It's an idea I'd like to steal!

And happy happy happy that I found your blog! Your lovely posts are like happy pills for me!
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights
Allison said…
Ooh... I like this ensemble! Love the drapeyness with the dark jeans and the tough boots. And your hair looks amazing! I am also glad that you started your blog :)
Kirstin Marie said…
<3 you!! you look beautiful, and it sounds like you had a fun time!
Anonymous said…
DaniellaBella--I am glad you started your blog. It sounds like a fun evening and your hair is beautiful.
I keep a very similar file in my desk at work. There are days that teaching can be very discouraging and this file gives me courage to keep going.
Anonymous said…
That's a great idea, to always have a piece of encouragement to pick you up! You look great and I love the last picture!

keep having a great week!

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