Pop those peepers

Today was my first day at my new 1 day a week job. Basically I'm organizing the office of some landscape architects. All I did all day was look at rolled up plans, put them in piles according to year, unrolled them to take note of project number and if I could toss any and then colour coded the plans and projects. My hands are desperately aching for some lotion...

april 13 2011

Luckily a friend on mine works there and so we got to chat when she wasn't applying herself diligently to her tasks.
I probably should have worn something more... different. It was dusty and I was walking back and forth trying to find where items fit...

dress: Joe Fresh
tank: Smart Set
leggings: H&M
shoes: Campers
necklace: made by me

And then there's this one where I look like I'm T-Rexin':

Today I'm thankful for long dinners with people who were workmates but are now wonderful and treasured friends!


LyddieGal said…
Usually if I know i'm going to have a day at work messing around with files I go running for my jeans. once i spent a whole week standing over a shredder destroying 10 years of old files. I would have died in my usual work uniform of heels and dangling necklaces.
Cara said…
I hate those days when you're feeling all pretty... and you end up all dusty. So long as you're not manhandling huge boxes, or climbing ladders, I think cotton jersey dresses will serve you well. Still "you" (I still can't imagine you in pants!), but totally washable!
laura said…
Hehe, I love your T-rexin' pose. And if I was going to do what you did, I would've been in jeans and a jumper. Your version of dress is much much more fashionable! :)

ps. those tights are really something!
hearts, laura♥
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Mrs. J said…
Sounds like a lot of dust and sneezing was involved. Not GOOD, but you still managed to look cute and comfortable. Love those leggings. :)
Great mixing of patterns here. and your shoes are cute!

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