Friday morning my sister an I went to be ladies. I got a luscious full body massage and she got a facial. It was a wonderful and relaxing way to spend the morning. Then we went for lunch together at a Japanese Korean fusion place that, apparently, I can't get enough of.

apr 15 2011

I didn't wear these shoes out and about. It snowed Thursday and Friday so there was no chance of hopping all over downtown with cute shoes on.

dress: Smart Set
tights: H&M
cartoon villain shoes: Jeff Silverman designed by me
glasses: Prada
earrings: folk fest vendor

Today I'm thankful for the lovely women I used to work with. They organized a going away dinner for my old boss at an amazing Afghani restaurant. It was so lovely to see them after being away from that office for a couple of weeks.

Some fabulous people requested that I show what I made in my crafty afty. Now I'm not an artist and this was mostly about playing. I've been dreaming of red hair and I really love how watercolour paints move...


Judy C said…
Watercolors are definitely fun. I find myself looking for clothing with the watercolor look.
Sal said…
How's the quality on the Jeff Silverman shoes? I've been dying to design a pair!
Allison said…
I love how those shoes just jump out of the outfit! They are super duper cool. I like your craftyness very colourful :)
Cara said…
I love the swirls... so bright and cheerful. Scott paints, but he likes dark and dreary colours. And the shoes? Fabulous!
FutureLint said…
Those shoes kill me every time! So cool! Your paintings are really fun!
Kirstin Marie said…
First off, that dress fits you like a dream. You look amazing in it. Second, your watercolors are so pretty!! You are really talented. I was never good at drawing or painting.
LyddieGal said…
wow, your day sounds like it was AMAZING!
I love your watercolors, and yes, red hair would be kickass.

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