Easter cycler

Any sort of family dinner at our house is always a loud and fun affair. We had 21 people at my parents house and everyone brought something so it was a little bit less work for my mom.
apr 24 2011 2

Before dinner I went for a quick spin on my beloved bicycle. It was one of the very first things that I bought when I returned to Canada after spending all of my money (and some of my parent's) travelling around Europe for 4 months. I love that I can ride it in skirts and heels, that I can go to the grocery store and put my shopping in the basket. I don't love that I have to navigate a double door situation and carry it up a flight of stairs and store it in my apartment (that looker is heavy!).

cardigan: Ricki's
tank: Smart Set
dress: Joe Fresh
earrings, shoes & necklace: Spanish gift
leggings: H&M
bicycle: Wasabi Trek Crusier

Today I am thankful for loud, loving families! I wouldn't trade mine for the world!


Allison said…
I think these may be my favourite photos of you of all time. That is all.
Sal said…
Ahhh, makes me miss my old Electra cruiser. Especially since my new bike got ANOTHER flat today. Grrr.
Cara said…
My father-in-law is the king of getting random things for free. He got a bicycle very similar to this one in exchange for fixing someone's car this fall. He gave it to his wife, but her exact words were: "What the hell?" So she promised she'd give it a try this spring, but if she doesn't like it, I have dibs on it. Am I a bad person hoping that she doesn't like it?!
Amara said…
Get on your bikes and ride!!
Lovely pictures :)
Chelsea said…
Okay, you are the cutest cyclist I've ever seen! Love the bike, the ensemble, and your easter dinner sounds crazy and fun :)
geetabix said…
Where is your helmet??
Anonymous said…
I want a bike and you look like your having so much fun. I'm jealous of your bike and your purple dress. Also I love the last picture! ;)

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