Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awareness is overrated

Warning: Today's photos are terrible. Truly terrible. But I'm putting them up anyway because, really, they are an accurate representation of how I felt.
Right after work (where everyone is a bit ill) my sister and I met for a lovely dinner. Then we went directly to a play at the theatre. It was a good play. It was about quantum physics and WW2 and I may have fallen asleep in the first half. Because I am strangely exhausted. As you can tell by the continual wearing of glasses.

mar 30 2011

By the time I got home at 10:30 I barely had enough energy to take my boots off let alone turn on every light for pictures... So here they are:

keyholr necklace: from Paraphrenalia
pearl necklace: from my Grandma Pearl
dress: Joe Fresh
belt: wrapping from Anthropologie dishes
tights: The Bay? I think?
boots: Zara in Portugal in 2007

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to make hot chocolate with chocolate milk so that it's extra chocolately goodness for me in the morning! Weeee!

EDIT: Laura asked if it really was about Quantum Physics and as far as I could tell yes. I'm not very clever when it comes to theories on particles and waves but here's a bit of info on the play.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue fairy

The international potluck was delicious. As expected. I brought some creamy delicious potatoes. There was spring rolls, fresh rolls, samosas, salad, spicy kabobs, guacamole, shrimp and loads more. It is such a pleasure to work with people I like and so lovely to be able to all sit down together.

mar 29 2011

I've been cleaning out my desk and trying not to think too much about what I'm going to do to pay rent soon... But, as always, I'm pretty certain that something will turn up and that it will be fabulous. Right? Right!

earrings: Santa Claus
necklace: self-made
most amazing cardigan of life: gift from a beautiful co-worker
dress: Smart Set
tights: H&M
shoes: ? I think I bought them at TK Maxx in England in 2006

Today I am thankful for people who enjoy making and eating food. As far as I can tell, you just can't trust someone who doesn't like food...

PS geetabix suggested that I show some pictures of clothes from other countries but sadly there wasn't anything special. Sometime for special occasions, holidays or festivals we get to see them... but sometimes not.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A prophet changing minds

I love living in a multicultural country for many reasons. But the most pressing at this moment is the food. i love that I can buy sushi for lunch and then have dinner of borsht and jap chae! Life is good!
mar 28 2011

And tomorrow my office is having a potluck lunch. I work with people from all over the world, serving Newcomers to Canada. This means that tomorrow with be a global buffet! It's kind of my farewell do as Thursday is my last day...

top: Joe Fresh
dress: Ricki's
tights: Target
boots: Steve Madden

Today I'm thankful for Zumba class for being so fun. Honestly, if it wasn't I would have gone immediately to bed right after work...


Monday, March 28, 2011

Creaky bones

This was my walk to work on Friday. I understand that many of you are in something that resembles spring. Not so for us... not yet at least.

And while in black and white it is very pretty in reality it's cold, icy and dirty. Spring is beautiful because it is sunny and lovely but because of all the salt and sand on the road it's really dirty until all the snow melts and the street sweepers are out in full force.

mar 25 2011

I took my camera to work and this is what I look like when I'm headed out to lunch...

I generally don't shop at Old Navy because it's untidy for the most part and I object to standing in line to both try things on and pay. Perhaps that's my curmudgeonly attitude coming out. However, this journey was very nice! I found a parking spot, it wasn't too busy, I didn't bother to try the dress on and it was on sale plus an extra 30% off! Can't go wrong with that.

dress & leggings: Old Navy
brown tie belt: from a Joe Fresh dress
necklace: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper twins bought in New York (swoon!)

Today I am thankful for long time friends who have different lives and schedules and still make the time to get together for dancing, laughter and good times! I'm also super thankful for having nothing to do on Saturday which allowed me to read and nap on the couch all day long. I finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield and it was fantastic!


Friday, March 25, 2011

cookie monster

Today I had my root canal. It wasn't as bad as I expected but in no way was it pleasant...

mar 24 2011

These pictures were taken whilst eating a cookie on the way out the door for trivia.

cardigan & jeans: Smart Set
top: bartered for it at Camden
shoes: New Look

FBFF! Go see Katy's page for an explanation and to sign up!
1. Do you think there is an incapability between feminism and a love for fashion?
I don’t think that they are mutually exclusive. I think that feminism comes in many varieties, personalities, shapes and sizes. Wanting fair, equal treatment and opportunities has nothing to do with how I present myself or what I feel comfortable in. If wearing a dress and heels makes me feel strong, smart, and beautiful I'll be more likely to stand up for what I believe in. Personally, I view fashion as art that gets to walk around with me every day.

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?
I have the theory that real is better, even when it's not that great. So I feel that my blog does represent me fairly well. I don’t share all bits of my life but I hope that it's an accurate portrayal of who I am in this moment... When I'm old I can look back on this and my journals and see who I was and what I felt was important.

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession, how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role?
Hmmm. I think (I hope) that it would be more size-accepting. I think that maybe women would make clothes a little differently. Maybe jeans would fit our waist, hips, and thighs instead of leaving a underoo gap even on the skinniest girls. Maybe clothing would be promoted differently, to make women feel strong and beautiful the way they are, instead of being a sex object.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs?
I think the way I carry myself with confidence and poise has a lot to do with how I believe that I should be treated as a woman and as a person. If I carry myself in a way that does not allow people to treat me badly or without respect, then I have passed on my beliefs about the rights, freedom and beauty of women.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons?
I think that they help. Again, if fashion and style is art and art is an expression of self... ergo and therefore and all those things...
When I go to a new hair stylist I always try to wear something that is the most me. I want this person to know who I am by way of dress so that they will understand the type of cut that I am talking about and give the best service suited to me. I think this works in many areas of life.

Today I'm thankful for healthcare professionals who know what they are doing, explain things along the way and treat their patients with gentleness and respect. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aren't you just a lady?

The days are getting lighter...
But there is still snow and, you know, -20 temperatures...

mar 23 2011

Lisa from Archives wore a fab crinoline under a very cute dress the other day and looked amazing! I thought I'd give it a go...

necklace: ?
earrings: art festival
top: Smart Set
dress: Ricki's
belt: made from a childhood dance costume
petticoat: Decadence Vintage
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: New Look

Today I'm thankful for technology that makes being far a bit easier...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sleep Mode

Last night I made Jap Chae for the first time. I went to the Korean grocery and used my very meagre Korean "hello" and "thank you". And the owner gave us a free sample drink for my effort!
mar 22 2011

It's actually pretty easy, aside from all the chopping involved. Next time I'll enlist an assistant. It turned out really well and now I have lunches for the rest of the week!

Cardigan, Lace Top, Shorts: Ricki's
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Anne Michelle from Strawberry
Scarf: gift from my sister when she went to Italy
Earrings: Local art festival

These really were the best photos I got before falling asleep on the couch again. 

Today I'm thankful that it's spring somewhere in the world. It gives me hope that maybe one day it will stop snowing...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's convinced she could hold back a glacier

Today was my last EDO before my job ends next week. I'm still hoping something might come up where I work now and then maybe I can find a part time job elsewhere... Trying so hard to trust the universe!
mar 21 2011

Today I did super exciting things like did my laundry and took the recycles in. I made $45 from cans and bottles!
So yes, I have the blogger bun going on. I like to call it the why wash/brush your hair when you are going to get all sweaty at Zumba in a few hours anyway look. I think it works!

top & skirt: Ricki's ages ago
leggings: Old Navy
boots: Steve Madden
belt: vendor at Folk Fest '10

This weekend I also managed to do something that I've been meaning to do for ages: put pictures up on my wall.

Today I am thankful for time off, for weekends full of laughter with friends, hanging out with Gentleman, dinner with family, and the last ringette games of the year...


Monday, March 21, 2011

Breaking threads

In September 2007 my friends and I rented a house in Cyprus. It was beautiful and hot everyday. I friend of mine had given me a little bag as a going away gift. It was tied with bright pink ribbon. One day it fell out so I put in in my hair. While I was swimming in the pool the ribbon fell out of my hair so I tied it around my wrist.

I thought I would remove it when it got a bit grubby. I never did. It finally fell off today, worn through with day to day living since 2007. It was pretty important to me because it always reminded me of my friends who live in far off places around the world.

The skin underneath is a bit pale and very soft. My wrist feels naked. But maybe this means that it's time to make new memories and go on new adventures. 


Friday, March 18, 2011

Fiddle Dee Dee, Potatoes!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!
I am Irish, well at least 1/4 of me anyways. In 2006 my family and I and some good friends were luckily enough to be able to visit Ireland for a few weeks. Ireland was utterly beautiful and green as green. It was the only place that I didn't have to explain how to spell my Irish last name!

At Glendalough

Out in the heather with the fam

Blarney Castle

Kissing the Blarney Stone

On the moon!

sisters and friends

Her eyes they shone like diamonds

I thought her the queen of the land
And her hair it hung over her shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band

- Black Velvet Band

I called my dentist to find out if what was going on in my general face region was normal. They said not and got me in on a cancellation to start the root canal. I am ecstatic to say that for the first time in a week and a half I am not in any pain! My dentist is a hero! I want to buy her flowers!

mar 17 2011

So these pictures are brought to you by a frozen mouth, a massive nap, and rubbed off green party eyes shadow!
earrings: folk fest vendor
cardi: Ricki's
skirt worn as a shirt: um? Cotton Ginny? It was about 15 years ago that I bought it
belt: H&M
jeans: Smart Set
shoes: Red or Dead Maxa via ebay

Today I am thankful for being able to grit my teeth, sleep through the night and smile in a real way!