2010 Review: Spring

We had the review of Winter. And now here's spring. I love the spring because after darkness, cold and snow it is so lovely for things to warm up and I always feel brighter!

* Organized a Self-Propelled Pub Crawl, it was fun but still very cold in the evenings in May!

* After about 14 years we had to put our dog, Bailey, to sleep. She was old and cancerous and in pain. I miss her still...

* Went with the Gentleman Caller to Minot, ND for a long weekend getaway. We had so much fun! Even though Minot is only about 4 hours away and Canada and US are pretty similar it was so fun to see and appreciate what was different! The portions in America are unreal! We thought that we were ordering goldfish sized fishbowls not baby shark sized fishbowls!

* 3 girls from 3 countries met in New York City! Sarah (England), Lindsay (US) and I (Canada) first met when we worked in a beautiful pub called The Anchor on the coast of England in 2006. It was so amazing to see these beautiful women and look around NYC! I loved every minute of it. And it was hotttttt! Plus Sarah and I had an adventure trying to get back to Canada...

* English Sarah was here for Canada day! It was wonderful to have my be-accented English sister here!

Stay tuned for Summer and Fall 2010!


Matt said…
Sorry to hear about the dog. Its never easy to put down a pet.

But wow... what an amazing spring! Very cool! (Haha, and the bit about US portion sizes is too funny and too true... :) ).

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