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We've finished the Hampers! Hurrah! But now I feel totally drained and exhausted. I want Christmas to come if only so we all can have a rest.
dec 21 2010

Tonight some girls from the bookstore that I worked at for 10 years got together. We hadn't seen everyone since August when the bookstore finally closed. It was lovely and the best bit was that it was in my building so I could walk downstairs with hot appetizers and upstairs with a full belly!
jacket: Ricki's
dress: Joe Fresh
Super Hero belt: Folk Festival 2010
tights: Anthropologie, I think they were Hue?
boots: Ayla


Allison said…
Does that belt have a pocket? Because if so, that is awesome. Yay for finishing the hampers!
DaniellaBella said…
The belt has 2 pockets and a secret inside zipper! It's like a cool fanny pack... wait, is that even possible?? i like to call it a utility belt!
Kirstin said…
Very cute!! I love this.

Thanks for your lovely comment! :)

Kirstin Marie
Amara said…
Nice necklace :) And wicked tights!

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