Hear those sleigh bells...

Wait! Are they jingling? Dingaling? Ringaling Oh I don't even know...
dec 22 2010

Today was our work Christmas potluck. I work with people from many different cultures, from everywhere around the world. It makes for the very best potluck! Amazing!! Let's be honest though... Mostly I just love food!
dress: Jones New York
shirt: Ricki's
belt: H&M
leggings: Smart Set
boots: Ayla
scarf: from Book & Brier patch, where I worked for 10 years

I had to wear the scarf at work for modesty reasons. I know everyone's more relaxed at Christmas but, even so, I didn't think that anyone would appreciate the ladies coming out for a visit. 
Also to maintain maximum warmth I'm sitting in bed with a cup of hot mulled wine and typing with one hand... it may be time for a nap!


Allison said…
Sounds like a fun potluck! I think I'm kinds of suspicious of people who don't love food.
I like the look of the dress as skirt - I've made use of a scarf for modesty before too. Works like a charm!
Bella said…
Love your belt!
Ena said…
That skirt is so gorgeous! I love the bow belt too!

Louise said…
I just LOVE how you styled that shimmery frock! Ooh, mulled wine sounds delicious.

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