Inopportune Nap

This dress always reminds me of a butterfly and it's super comfy to boot!
Tonight was the client Festive Season party which I totally planned on going to. It's great, all the ESL students and newcomer clients come and bring their children. There is music and dancing, snacks and then Santa comes with toys for the children. I planned on taking a 20 minute nap. Obviously it was hubris to think that I could wake up without an alarm. I woke up only 15 minutes before the Gentleman was to pick me up from the party. In a sleep-induced fog I thought that I could still walk the 13 blocks and see the party in 15 minutes. I soon saw the error of my ways and crawled back to bed until it was time to go to a hockey game! Fun! We've been wanting to go to a game for a year but never managed to get organized. The players are so young! I remember when they used to be my age! Where has the time gone?
dec 3 2010

dress and leggings: Smart Set
hat: H&M
boots: Spring
magic necklace: local craft fair


Amara said…
I adore this dress. I remember seeing it and am still kicking myself for not buying it! So I will live vicariously through you and you look smashing in it!
Allison said…
That's an awesome dress - also, awesome hair toss ;)
DaniellaBella said…
I love this dress also! And I love twirling!!

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