Gong show

Being without a vehicle is difficult and isolating. I think that it all would be fine in the summer and I could bicycle in skirts all over the city, hair blowing in the breeze. However in the winter it is rather a different story.
nov 30 2010

I tried to organize my life today so that I would have everything I would need until 10:30 at night. I got a ride to my parents house and cuddled up on their couch with my sister to read for a while. Then the Gentleman came by to take me to my out of town ringette game. What a sweetie!
black long underwear top: ?
dress: H&M
leggings: Smart Set
boots: Ayla

Unfortunately, the game was a gong show. As all my equipment was stolen I had to go out and get all new stuff. And when you're used to playing wearing certain gear, even replacing one item makes everything out of sorts. I got all ready and was about to go out onto the ice when I couldn't get my helmet done up. The screws weren't the right ones! I basically had to bum a dime from the other team to use as a screwdriver so that I could make my helmet into something resembling a piece of safety gear. Oh... It just made me exhausted. And then I realized just how un-fit I am...


Melissa said…
Those boots are so cute, and you look adorably warm with that shirt layered under the dress!

Yes, it's incredibly frustrating when you're missing something that you're used to having all the time - it makes you feel like everything is all out of whack even if it's just one thing you're missing!

So sorry that your equipment was stolen. Why are people so selfish and mean sometimes to do something like that?!

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