We deserve each other

In order to keep my collective hairs as pink and they can be for as long as possible I've been instructed to wash my hair in cold water. That which would be refreshing in the summer is frigid in the winter. I spent the better part of last night drinking hot beverages and leaning over the oven in an attempt to overheat myself and fool my scalp into thinking that cold water is a relief. Any bets on how well that goes? (Hint: not very)

dec 8 2010

I think this dress might have too much going on around the top. And maybe it's not a vibrant enough colour. But it was so pretty and ladylike that I ignore that bit and swan on!

long underwear top:?
dress: H&M
leggings: Smart Set
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope

I'm a secret ballerina. Just like when I was 5. La la la!


Allison said…
I think this is a very cool look. What a fun dress!
The cold water wash must be working because the pink is nice and bright. I try to do cold water rinse to combat frizz but brrrrrrr.
DaniellaBella said…
Triple Brrr! I have to talk myself into it every time!
Amara said…
Nice winterization of a summer dress!
Haha secret ballerina! I was one too, we should form a secret society. That dress looks lovely on you!

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