2010 review: Winter

2010... my goodness you have gone by so fast! There were many lovely things that happened this year. Here is a non-style blog review...

* Really chilled out New Year's Eve complete with backyard fireworks!

* I really settled into living in my mini-apartment. I love it.

* Escaped this...

... for Cuba! My friend Yvonne and I went for her 30th birthday! Such a great decision! So fun!

* went to the beer festival, Festivale. Now that I know more about how beer is made and the different types I love trying new things!

* Me and my cousin, Mike, visited my little sister, Gill, in Edmonton

* bought a new computer and had a mini emotional breakdown. That computer took me to live in England for 2 years and travelling around...

* Saw Fred Penner, childhood hero, live at the University Bar. There were people with green mohawks doing the itsy bitsy spider!!
* Love!

Spring, Summer, and Fall to come!


Allison said…
Sounds like a good year! I was in Cuba this year as well, it was fantastic. Also, Fred Penner rocks and I think I am in love with your green furniture. Happy New Year!
Matt said…
Wow, that's an awesome year! (Hah, and I had to do a double take about the vacation in Cuba... I guess that comes from being from/in the USA. Very cool though!) What an awesome year!! :)

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