Worked on our Christmas Hampers today. I'm so excited to be giving them out to our families!
dec 16 2010

Also it was just for fun trivia night. Even though it didn't count for points we still dominated. However, I contributed nothing to the round that was Seinfeld trivia... Not one thing.

black shirt: appropriated from the Gentleman Caller
belt: Avoca in Ireland
jeans: Smart Set
boots: Red or Dead via ebay for cheaps

detail of the beautiful belt...


Louise said…
Those jeans look utterly fantastic on you. Dayum! The detail on the belt is gorgeous.

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you bestow on my blog-- I appreciate every one!
Allison said…
I really like this look! Love the shoes - so much fun! I get the feeling you are a fellow social worker type like myself ;)
Bella said…
Those boots are fierce! Love the color!
Vanessa said…
That belt adds such a good zip to your outfit!
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks ladies!
Allison: I work with immigrant and refugees who are new to Canada. This year I decided to be on the Hamper committee. It's been a ton of work but really rewarding. I actually feel like I'm in the Chirstmas spirit!

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